Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Raining Raptors

I can't believe how many birds of prey I have gotten calls on so far this year!!!!!!!!!!!! No possums, no ground hogs, very few squirrels but the owls and hawks are out of control! So far I have had a hand in the rescue/triage/rehab/transport and/or release of three Screech Owls, two Barred, a Redtail Hawk, a Red Shouldered Hawk, and a Coopers Hawk. I have been helping triage and transport for now until I am licensed. It's been fun and very educational! Below is little Woodstock. He was re-released just under 24 hours post his impact injury, thanks to some great folks in the north GA mountains. They told me they were coming back home late one night from celebrating Val's birthday and she saw him on the road and made her husband stop the car. He had a bad headache but was released back to his home territory within a day. It's EXTREMELY important in rehab to take the exact location address from the surrendering party in order to ensure animals that are injured are re-released back to the same area. Did you know there is a VERY delicate balance with the overall carrying capacity with animals in the wild. We could really mess things up if we release them back to foreign area. Did you know that 20% of the animals taken from the wild, when re-released actually survive. That's why it's critical we release them back to their actual home range, as many of them have mates, as well as have a territory which they carefully have established over their life time. So please think twice before you kidnap ANY animal from the wild; (90% of all babies are NOT abandoned or injured) and call a wildlife rehabber BEFORE you decide to intervene with any wild animal!

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