Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I have been away. I moved FINALLY to my little farm in Blue Ridge Georgia and am working on finally finishing my barn so I can start active rehab again in the spring. I have not been empty handed as it seems that the local abandoned cats found a sucker in me, and now I have one living outside in a wildlife igloo, and one in my office recovering from having him man jigglies taken. His name is Possum (because someone thought that was what he was), will be available for adoption SOON!

In the mean time, I helped a friend out by getting this "little man" who was hit by a car and rescued and taken to the fire department. Just so happens one of the guys is a falconier, and did not know what to do with an injured owl. WHAT?????? Anyway, he came to me and was here for a few days. I treated him with oral steroids, and after not eating for four days, I managed to get some raw chicken down his throat with some fluids. He was transferred to a Bird Of Prey friend and released back to his own devices. I just LOVE these birds...there is something very special about Screech Owls

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