Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The signs of spring

Often, we celebrate the beginning of spring when we see the first crocus popping their little purple heads out of the crusty frozen ground. Even in February in the south, there are flowers bloomin; (the forsythia, wild quince, a variety of native shrubs, and the daffodils coloring the landscape with dabbles of yellows waving at us like the are some locals watching the train as it passes with new visitors comin into Dodge . But how could it be, the mark of spring comes from the falling of a bunch of old leaves from 20 feet up in a tree, and seconds later, flailing little pink bodies fall hard onto the mulch with a thump. YES...baby squirrel season is here.....and they are literally falling out of the trees, not because they are ready, but because of the wild weather...winds that cause nests to lose their hold, or an overly busy mama fluffing up the leaf sheets, or even upheaval from a mob of crows looking for an afternoon snack.
God help us...it's going to be a LONG year.

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