Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only the most sophisticated possies wear a sock

When is it ok to wear a sock???

Poor girl, and she's so humbled by her colorless, thoughtless outfit. If only one of those knitters would consider making her a "real sock". Here is winters first injured adult "O". Dog caught, with bite wounds on both sides, she was progressing fine until one of her bits got infected and needed a few stitches (no not the knit one and pearl two....) the real kind. In order to keep her from worrying it, the vet put her in a body sock. She's been so cooperative and such a good girl. We clean out the wound and pull her sweater back down over the injury for protection. She's getting a special dinner tonight, gizzards and heart. She deserves it on a silver platter considering what she's gone through. I suspect I will have her here until the end of February. She needs a little fattening up...but then again, who could wear a sock like this and look good? She told me to wait until the spring colors have come out. She'll show up all the girls in the hood with her new hip-hop will be mostly black and gray, but hey, all her friends think her style is "sick"!

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